The Wikipedia Community's Platform Against Disinformation

For the past 13 years, the Wikipedia community has been evaluating the reliability of thousands of online sources to determine whether they are credible enough to be cited in articles. The most frequently discussed sources have been compiled into the community's perennial sources list, a field guide for identifying misinformation and disinformation on the Internet.

Thanks to a WikiCred grant, the perennial sources list is now available in a machine-readable format for use by developers in third-party applications. The Sourceror API allows developers to retrieve the entire dataset or query the API for relevant entries via REST or GraphQL. Data from the Sourceror API is provided under the CC BY-SA 3.0 license. When reusing content from the Sourceror API, please credit the original authors with a hyperlink or URL to the source document: Wikipedia's perennial sources list.

In addition to the API, Sourceror will provide a web app, a browser extension, and a Wikipedia user script to help readers of online media assess the reliability of the content they consume, and help Wikipedia editors improve the quality of articles on the encyclopedia. These tools are under development – stay tuned for more information!

API Demonstration